About Me


I’m a 25 year old blogger who blabbers anything and everything. I’m just flowing~

On a random day years back, I went on YouTube and searched “How to draw eyeliner” & I’ve been hooked onto that big, wide world of beauty videos & never looked back.

Years later, I decided to start Vainy Maynee, this little corner, to share whatever I wanted to share. I didn’t have to worry people around getting tired of me talking about beauty products all the time or anything beauty related all the time.

 I am very blessed to have 2 beautiful  boys in my life to brighten up my  everyday with their innocent looks  and silly actions! And they are Ozzy  and Domo. They made their  appearance here occasionally(in fact  very often) hoping they’ll put a smile  on your faces too!(:

Thankyou sooo much for visiting vainymaynee & showing your support!!

Reach your hands out now!! because i’m throwing out lots of hearts! <3<3<3<3<3<3
HAHAHAHAHA! once again, Thanks for reading and supporting!!(:

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